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Partitions and external walls are used to separate buildings, enclose compartments and contain fire to provide a barrier to the passage of fire from one side or the other and are able to satisfy each of the relevant fire resistant criteria ( integrity, insulation and, if the wall is loadbearing, load bearing capacity) from either side for the prescribed period. The application of partition and external wall systems using ours boards covers both non loadbearing in commercial, industrial, institutional, residential and high-rise constructions, or in the restoration if existing buildings.


Our internal partition systems require less material to achieve similar fire resistant level when compared to the industry average wallboard partition systems. The single layer board application leads to simplified construction methods over other equivalents hence increased productivity and reduced overall installation cost.

These partition and external wall systems have been developed by STPL. to satisfy standard requirements for intended application. Such considerations include :

Time & Cost Effectiveness

Single layer application reduces installation cost and time compared to traditional wallboard partitions.

Slim Walls

Partitions can be as thin as 40mm.


Lighter loads on structures compared to industry average wallboard partition systems for equivalent fire resistance.

Thermal Resistance

Excellent thermal resistance performance.

Impact Resistant

Our partitions systems have been tested and assessed for impact and static loading to satisfy specification CI.8 of the Building Code of Australia ( BCA 2006). Our partition systems have been tested for resistance to impact, stiffness and robustness in accordance with the criteria of BS5234: Part 2.

Acoustic Performance

Tested and assessed to a range of standard, including ISO140-3 1995, ISO717-1 1996, AS1191 2002, AS/NZS 1276.1 BS5821 1984 and BS2750: Part 3: 1980, to meet the needs of industry. Please refer to Pages 78 and 79 for details.

Fire Resistance Performance

Our partitions and external wall systems have been extensively tested and assessed in accordance with BS476: Part 22 and AS1530: Part 4 to satisfy the integrity, insulation and where applicable loadbearing capacity (structural adequacy) criteria.