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An automatic Fire Sprinkler system is an effective means of protecting people’s lives and properties. Additionally fire sprinkler offer protection to the environment by minimizing the effects that a major structural fire could have Sprinkler also safeguard against loss of continuity of business operations.

A typical system comprises components such as valves, pump sets, alarms, pipe work and water supplies designed to control an emerging fire. Sprinkler systems may either be standard systems or special systems and may be arranged to operate as one or a combination of the following.

  • Wet System-Permanently water charged system
  • Alternate Wet & Dry System-Combination of Dry & Wet alarm valves.
  • Dry System- System permanently charged with Air or Inert gas.
  • Preaction System-Combination system of sprinkler detectors.
  • Recycling System- System with heat detectors and pre action valve.
  • Deluge System- Open spray sprinklers controlled by a quick release valve.
  • Tail End System- Forms an extension to a sprinkler system.

Each closed head sprinkler is held shut by either a heat sensitive glass bulb or fusible link. The sensing element applies pressure to a pip cap which acts as a plug which prevents water from flowing until the ambient temperature around the sprinkler reaches the design activation temperature of the individual sprinkler. With a wet sealed sprinkler system the number of sprinklers is limited to only those directly in the vicinity of the fire so as to ensure maximum availability water flow/pressure. The response time of a sprinkler is expressed as a response time index (RTI).