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Public Address Systems

During any emergency, in order to avoid further loss, a quick but organized evacuation of personnel is of paramount importance. This is where Public Address Systems play an important role. Especially when an occupied multi-storied building is under a fire emergency, sequenced Voice alerts through the Public address System on each floor will ensure a floor-by-floor evacuation, thus avoiding unnecessary panic & stampeding.

In case of Manual Public Address systems, the on-site fire officer is able to advise occupants of the building under fire or bomb threat to evacuate in a pre-planned orderly manner .

Speakers are either wall mounted or ceiling mounted and are installed at strategic locations near emergency stairways & lobbies.Wall mounted ‘Talk Back’ Speakers allow for two way communication between fire officer, and personnel at each floor.

A multi zone Paging console with paging microphone enables the Fire officer to select speakers on particular floors, and communicate alerts or evacuation orders to relevant floors only.

Amplifiers are chosen with care, after calculating required power wattage output, depending on design & quantity of speakers used. These amplifiers sufficiently amplify evacuation messages & alerts from the Paging microphones or from automatic Voice alarm interfaces to clearly broadcast the same through corresponding speakers, to reach the relevant public.

A Networked Public Address System

Piped-in Music Systems are also incorporated into the building Public Address system. Apart from times of emergency, the PA system is used to broadcast soft music or announcements. Music sources like HI-Fi CD players, FM or Internet radios, Satellite Radio, etc., are used to feed background music into the entire building, mostly through aesthetically placed ceiling mount speakers.

The Fireman’s Telephone Hand Set is a bi-directional, full duplex voice communication system to assist fire fighters in an emergency in high rise as well as large & complex building structures. These systems typically consist of a master Handset for the fire Officer, a central digital automatic telephone exchange board, and multiple wall mounted telephone handsets located at strategic points.